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Individuals and organisations in Central Milton Keynes can apply to be members of MKCCM by clicking the ‘Become a Member’ link.  MKCCM works with members to ensure we have an effective membership that works towards a sustainable economy and the delivery of a prosperous city environment.

MKCCM currently represents 36 member organisations.  While we recognise not everyone wants to sit on a panel, others may wish to offer support in a more time limited and action focused way.

There are two categories of membership:

1. Principal Membership
Principal members become a Director with voting rights on the Company Board, with a focus on steering the direction of the organisation.  Acceptance of principal membership is agreed by existing Directors.

Business category: Large Ownership – Retail, Leisure and Land

2. Associate Membership
This category allows members to attend meetings and groups, plus two elected representatives sit on the Company Board (voted by all members).  Acceptance of membership will be agreed by the existing Directors of the Board.

Categories of membership include:

a. Large Business Ownership (defined by size of building and number of employees. Business representation of 1,000-5,000 staff working within Central Milton Keynes)
b. Small Business Ownership (business representation of 50-1,000 staff working within Central Milton Keynes)
c. Associate Member (trade associations and Parish Councils)
d. Charitable Organisations (concessions, including charitable and not for profit organisations and individuals with no commercial gain for their involvement).
e. Night Time Economy Member (venue representation in Central Milton Keynes)

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