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We enable strong connections between our member representatives and CMK Businesses by:

• Bringing many groups and individuals together around common agendas;
   - Engage in discussions with other members' who are experiencing the same issues
   - Having opportunities to input into key discussions .i.e. changes to parking, strategy and policy changes within CMK
   - Co-ordinate membership discussions and create pro-active blogs around common themes.

• Helping our members' to navigate through the complexities of the city centre and its many organisations;
   - Creating connections
   - Enabling an understanding of the key businesses.

• Creating opportunities for our members' to market and promote themselves
   - Through your membership you can directly promote your business using our website, we have enabled stronger and faster links between   members' with the creation of a 'connect' option
   - MKCCM Receptions - an opportunity for you to promote your business and meet other members'.

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