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MKCCM undertakes research to gain an understanding of views and perceptions of the City Centre.  Recent research is summarised below:

2013 CMK Business Members Research Report 

Members participated in an online survey on movement and access, maintenance and facilities, safety and wellbeing, and how CMK met their business needs. The final analysis showed:

  • 48% felt very/quite satisfied with customer retention
  • 47% felt very to quite satisfied with employee retention
  • 39% believe the worst thing in CMK is parking availability, cost and charge scheme.

2012 CMK City Centre Health Check Report 

113 telephone interviews were conducted with CMK employees. The questionnaire contained 14 questions seeking to understand more about CMK as a place to work, how it compared with other areas, the best and worst aspects of working in CMK, as well as improvements employees felt could be made.

  • Employees felt the best thing about working in CMK was the strong access to shops and services.
  • The worst was the lack of free/inexpensive, employee specific car parking. This was an open question – no reference was made to parking at this point in the interview.
  • 98% of employees were satisfied with CMK as a place to work. Those employees that have worked in other towns and city centres prefer Milton Keynes.

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