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Milton Keynes City Centre Management (MKCCM) is an independent, not for profit organisation that seeks to influence future policy decisions affecting every business in Central Milton Keynes.  Our purpose is to ensure the continued growth and prosperity of Central Milton Keynes and the people who work here by closely integrating public sector services with private sector businesses.

Our work is focused on promoting four key areas of regional development:

  •  Landscape and Environment
  • Safety and Wellbeing
  • Access and Infrastructure
  • Communications and Connections

Our principle business areas are

• Represent our membership in influencing, co-ordinating and defining the presentation and accessibility of CMK
• Lobby and influence the future direction and strategy of the city
• Co-ordinate and represent the profile of CMK
• Identify and nurture new opportunities to enhance the offer and ‘Placemaking’
• Proactively expedite day-to-day operational practicalities of keeping CMK looking its best
• Facilitate, investigate and resolve the concerns and often conflicting priorities of our membership.

Central Milton Keynes has:
• An annual footfall of over 50 million
• 250 shops, over 90 restaurants, bars and cafes and 680 businesses
• An area of 845acres / 342 hectares split into 20 grid blocks each approximately 1km intervals
• Approximately 10,000 trees and over 65,000m2  of shrubs (equivalent to 10 football pitches)
• 59,000 street lights in CMK this is the same magnitude as the whole of Cambridgeshire
• Midsummer Boulevard through its centre is as wide as the M1 from building to building
• 3 dual carriages, tree line boulevards running from the Central Station in the West to Campbell Park in the East
• 6 gates – the roads leading into and across the centre, North/South
• 17 of our famous roundabouts and 11 traffic light junctions!

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