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To make Central Milton Keynes the destination of choice, a place in which to work, live and play. Central Milton Keynes is unique – at fifty years old, it is now a thriving cultural, retail and business centre not just for Milton Keynes but for a growing sub-region linking the South East, East and East Midlands of England.

We have a belief in and passion for our city centre; we are dedicated to partnership working, for which we use the knowledge, experience and drive of our members’ and team.

Our Mission

To work with stakeholders in developing all that the city centre has to offer.

With the city planned to double in size, and projected to become the 10th largest city in the UK, Central Milton Keynes will be competing economically and culturally with other city centres in the UK and Europe.

Milton Keynes City Centre Management (MKCCM) and its members’ have a common objective and desire to ensure that CMK is the destination of choice for shopping, leisure, business and/or living. MKCCM provides a central point of reference to co-ordinate and support future economic development and sustainability. MKCCM is a not for profit company limited by guarantee that is funded by membership fees.

Our key priorities reflect the values of our members’ in creating a safe, welcoming attractive and vibrant place.


The CMK Alliance Plan gives strategic considerations and design opportunities within which future development within CMK can take place. Working towards a larger vision, we have a number of shared goals.

  • Creating a unique, modern city with its own distinct identity
  • Marking sure the city centre’s facilities and activities are accessible to everyone, and provide a rich cultural life for a diverse community
  • Creating new places and public spaces (with a high quality of architecture of design)
  • Ensuring the city centre is easy to get to and move around within, no matter how people choose to travel
  • Embracing prosperity and economic growth
  • Introducing new and improved opportunities for learning and education (improved learning and educational opportunities)
  • Safeguarding a high quality lifestyle and a sensible life/work balance for future generations.


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